“I have been delighted with the professional program offered by the Northfield Skating School. When I enrolled my then five-year-old daughter, I wasn’t really expecting very much. But after two lessons, she was gliding across the ice! More importantly, I’ve been impressed with the staff credentials and training and the emphasis on child safety, progression of skill development, and level of individual attention. This year, we enrolled for both sessions! And I’m sure we’ll be back next year as well. Thank you, Carey and coaches, for what you’ve created in Northfield!”

Kathie, Northfield

“As a long time resident of the Northfield and Dundas area and as a parent of former youth hockey players, the option you have presented for our daughter Samantha has been great. Northfield Skating School has opened the door for children like Samantha to learn how to ice skate in a safe, fun environment. We as parents looked at just putting her on the ice with her brothers, but that does not teach her the techniques or the skills to ice skate. Janice and I both love the staff at Northfield Skating School for their kindness, patience, and skills at teaching all levels of skaters. Thank you for all that you have done for Samantha both on the ice and off.”

Frank and Janice, Dundas

“We have been very pleased with our daughter’s lessons at Northfield Skating School. It has been a real joy to watch her become confident on the ice. Skating at the park is a fun after-school activity for her now that she is so comfortable on her skates. Thank you to Carey and all the coaches!”

Victoria, Northfield

“My godson started skating with the Northfield Skating School last January and I have to say he has come a long way. He really enjoys learning the different moves in figure skating, and the teachers and Carey are so wonderful with the kids. If they see someone having difficulty, they will take them aside and work with them. I know I did something good for my godson when I see the smile on his face while he is on the ice learning. NSS is a great thing for any child or adult who wants to learn to skate.”

Delcie, Faribault

“My daughter and I love taking lessons with the Northfield Skating School! The instructors know how to teach the essential elements in a fun, positive way and we always leave the ice looking forward to the next week’s lessons! Figure skating with NSS is a great way to make new friends and get a terrific workout!”

Michelle and Allison, Northfield

“Skating is an activity that we can pursue as a family. Age and size differences do not prevent me and my young daughters from enjoying this together. Add to this the reality of winter in Minnesota and it becomes a very attractive outdoor alternative.

I learned to roller skate as a child. We would get clamp-on skates for Christmas and use them every day until they wore out in a couple of months. There was no instruction available — we just tried to do what the “big boys” were doing. Now that I have had a few sessions of professional ice skating instruction at Northfield Skating School, I realize that the big boys did not know very much.”

Toby, Northfield

“Those in my family are fans of the Northfield Skating School for a number of reasons:

- The emphasis on safety and the excellent instruction (teachers learn the kids’ names, come focused and with clearly prepared lesson plans and ideas, and adjust their teaching strategies to individual learners)

- The practice time either before or after lessons allows the skaters to play and goof off with their friends on the ice (as well as practice new skills!)

- The whole program is well organized with early and frequent communication to parents (a rarity in other programs we’ve been in), and thse on staff are very responsive to unique situations and needs.

- Lastly, although the Northfield Arena is clearly decrepit, I’m glad that the kids can skate in relative comfort even when the weather and wind outside are brutally cold.

To have a professional and first-rate opportunity for skaters right here in Northfield is great for our family. The kids count the days until their lessons. I only wish there was the opportunity to keep skating year-round without having to drive to Farmington or Lakeville.”

Deb, Northfield

“As a parent raising kids in Northfield you find there is not a shortage of things for children to do. Indeed, sometimes it’s like being a kid in a candy store – there are so many things to choose from that it’s hard to decide. Our kids have been involved in many different programs and activities: music, sports, arts, civics, in school and extra-curicular. All of these have been enriching in some way. Of these activities, a few stand out amongst all the rest as being really wonderful. Our daughter’s experience with the Northfield Skating School is one of those.

The skating school works with all kids at any proficiency level. It is very well organized and reasonably priced. This is the official learn-to-skate US Figure Skating Baskic Skills program, the road to the Olympics! The instructors work with kids as they progress through the various levels giving kids the independence to learn as fast or slow as they like. Our daughter was a complete novice when she started two years ago, today she is working on putting together a program with music! She is really skating – forward, backward, spinning, on one foot, little leaps and jumps, it’s fabulous to watch!

But even more than watching her set and attain her own goals, we are so pleased with the personal development she has made. One thing I have found to be really signifcant in raising kids, is how important it is for a child to have meaningful relationships with other adults outside of family. Making these kind of significant connections give kids another perspective on adult life, another view on what is possible and a sense of independence not to mention, the plain old happiness that comes from a productive and respectful relationship with another human being! Our daughter is not only learning how to skate, but how to be a poised and independent young woman whose efforts are taken seriously. She has had an opportunity to assist the instructors of the younger children. She is surrounded by other young women who believe in one’s ability to contribute something valuable to the world – and you can’t beat that kind of experience for your child!”

Kathryn, Northfield
NSS is my sanctuary, my home away from home, and my favorite part of the week. Let me tell you why. NSS connects me with kids of all ages, parents and families, other college students, Northfield businesses and resources, and combines all into a unique and vibrant community. Coaching allows me to share my knowledge and love for skating while empowering the skaters to be leaders, and every Sunday afternoon is a new opportunity for the skaters’ energy to renew and rejuvenate me.
Michaela McLaughlin, NSS coach since 2006

“Northfield Skating School has developed a quality and engaging “try-skate” program for our Girl Scouts that meets our needs and ties directly to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Carey and her staff are excellent. They take your idea and program goals and deliver an exceptional program. Evaluations from both girl and adult participants have consistently been positive and I’m looking forward to our third year of programming with NSS.”

Steph Helkenn, Program Specialist, Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys