Don’t Miss our Session 2 Parent Meeting 1/16!

Carey | 11 01 2013

Please join us for our Session 2 Parent Meeting, Wed 1/16/13, 7-8pm at the Northfield Community Resource Center, 1651 Jefferson Parkway.

At the parent meeting, you will receive your skater’s class and coach assignment. We will also distribute your open skate passes and Parent Handbooks, review our programs, policies, equipment, Q & A,and more. This is a great chance to have your questions answered and clarify what to expect from lessons and how to help your skater get the most out of our program. It is important to us that parents and skaters have the information they need before lessons begin and we have found this type of communication especially important for new skaters. The meeting is geared toward parents, but skaters are welcome to join us. If you are unable to attend, please contact us for your group and coach assignment and the parent handbook.