Stars on Ice 2015 Club Number, Xcel Energy Center, Directed by Carey Tinkelenberg

Sarah Kojetin, National Skating Month exhibition, Junior Ladies Jan 2014

Molly Hennelly, Duluth Northland Invitational 2014, Pre-Preliminary Freeskate

Molly Hennelly, Duluth Northland Invitational 2014, Artistic

Lily Scott, Wells Fargo Winterskate Opening Ceremonies, November 2012

Elizabeth Penny, Double Salchow

The Northfield Skating School (by coach Kristen Asp, 2008)

Skating Night at the Depot (filmed by Carleton College, 2011)

U.S. Figure Skating National Skating Month Video Contest (produced by Perspective Films, 2011)

Carey Tinkelenberg and Peter Biver, 2010 U.S. Adult Championships, Masters Pairs Silver Medalists

2010 Spring Skating Camp: Synchro Workshop Performance

2009 Spring Skating Camp: Anna Sheehan Freeskate 3

2009 Spring Skating Camp: Elizabeth Penny Basic 4

Carey Tinkelenberg, 1998 New England Regional Championships