Curriculum and Class Placement


Group Lesson Curriculum

Snowplow Sam 1-3 (ages 4-5)
Designed to help the preschool age skater develop coordination, strength, and comfort on the ice. Skills include dips, swizzles, stops, and games. Skaters who complete Snowplow Sam enter the “Basic” curriculum.
Basic 1-8 (ages 6 -17)
Learn all fundamentals of the sport including forward and backward skating techniques, stops, turns, & edges. The Basic levels prepare skaters with the basic knowledge to enable advancement into specialized areas of skating. Skaters who complete Basic 8 enter Freeskate 1. Specialized classes are typically open to skaters Basic 4+ or Basic 5+.

List of Skills in Basic 1-8

Freeskate 1-6 (advanced)
After progressing through Basic 1-8 or Adult 1-4, Skaters learn jumps, spins, footwork, and other exciting artistic and athletic moves.
Adult 1-4 (age 18-senior)
Designed to promote overall fitness, improving balance and coordination while mastering skating basics. Skaters who complete Adult 4 enter Freeskate 1.

Hockey 1-4 (age 6+)

A collaboration between USA Hockey and U.S. Figure Skating, the Hockey curriculum is designed to teach the fundamentals of hockey skating. In four badge levels, skaters will learn how to maneuver faster and be more agile on the ice. Proper skating techniques are the primary focus of the levels. All elements will be taught without a puck. Skaters will learn the necessary fundamentals to be successful in game situations. This curriculum is co-developed and endorsed by USA Hcokey

List of skills in Hockey Curriculum

Beginning Skater Group Lesson Placement:

    All beginner classes meet off-ice for lesson 1

  • Age 4-5: Snowplow Sam 1
  • Age 6-17: Basic 1
  • Age 18-Senior: Adult 1
  • Curriculum Notes

  • Our curriculum is based on proressive skill-building. As you progress through our skating levels, new skills you learn will build from ones you have already mastered
  • For all levels, weekly lessons include skill review, introduction of new skills, and skill-reinforcing exercises and/or games.
  • All skaters receive USFS record books during their first session to track their progress and skating level. These books will be used during the skater’s entire progression through our group classes – please don’t lose them!
  • All skaters have evaluations during Lesson 7 to determine the level in which they should enroll for the following session.
  • Returning skaters: Please take care to register for the appropriate class. It is your responsibility to keep track of levels you have completed to increase the speed and accuracy of your registration. Please refer to your record book if in doubt. Thanks!